Classics are our passion!
Here at Barge Customs, we've started off small, like many other companies, but have a big dream in mind. We have a huge appreciation for classic, muscle, and unique cars that give a sense of drive and passion we rarely see in the modern era. In today's world, most automobiles are made to be discorded at the end of their warranties, and are rarely appreciated. It's hard to find people who have that driving and thriving passion behind the wheel of their cars, and here at Barge Customs, we encourage it.

We encourage the fire that keeps the flame of our many passions going to keep what little is left of the older generations on the road today. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's a challenge, but that's what we are here for. Our company strives to find new, OEM-style, and improved mechanical and electrical solutions for older, classic generation cars. From Fords and Lincolns, to Chevys and Buicks, we do a little bit of it all. We highly specialize in electrical conversion kits and projects for older cars to help bring a more modern, reliable source of ignition and power to your ride. We help and sometimes build modern OEM solutions for these older classics as well.

Our passion for cars is what keeps us going day in and day out. Come by and give us a hollar; we'll be there.