Classics are our passion!
We service a variety of cars and create a variety of products and conversion services for older generation vehicles, including classics. We also specialize in wiring and electrical fitment and repair.


$80/hr for most services, including classic car restoration and custom jobs $25* flat rate for oil change labor, plus the charge for the oil and oil filter.

Services Provided

Services we provide include, but are not limited to: Oil changes, scheduled maintenance, tune-up, vehicle service**, diagnostic, electrical diagnostic, carburetor rebuilds, tuning, and services, distributor rebuilds and custom ignition components, engine rebuilds, classic car restoration***, electrical service, custom electrical service, retro fitting classic cars, fluid changes, classic car timing tune and service (Both custom and OEM), engine swaps, chassis inspection, brake service and conversion kits, and more. For products and rebuild information, visit our Products page @ Occasionally we will also sell classic cars, and sometimes modern cars, for lower budgets. Rarely we sell fully restored classics. You can always contact us for more info on resell value of our cars available. We can also help you find, and restore, a car for you. *Vehicles that require brush guards or other parts to be removed to service the oil change will be subject to additional charges. The flat rate does not include oil or the oil filter. **Vehicle services for newer cars are limited to smaller repairs as our focus is largely on classic car or custom service. ***Classic car restoration does not include body and paint in-house, but we have contracted work with an outside body shop where required.