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1961-1969 Lincoln Continental Duraspark conversion kit
	+ Basic Kit $249.99 
This kit only contains the Duraspark control module and the converted 430/462 MEL distributor for Duraspark, MSD, and other electronic pickup applications.
+ Full Kit $599.99
This kit contains our full Duraspark Lincoln 430/462 engine wiring harness with 3 included relays, instructions, wiring diagrams, Duraspark control module, converted 430/462 distributor (MSD and aftermarket electronic ignition ready), and a spare parts box for easy repair or reversal (For converting back to original points; comes with a new points and condenser kit).
+ Upgraded Kit $649.99
This kit contains everything the Full Kit comes with, with an addition to a custom fuse/relay box ready to install with extra open slots and a spare kit for the open spots in your fuse box to add additional lines to.
+ Dedicated Kit $799.99*
This kit starts at its listed price, but may increase with a varying case-by-case situation. This kit is very similar to the Upgraded Kit and contains all of the components from the Full Kit with an addition to a fuse/relay box that will house new converted plug-n-play relays for your existing 61-69 Lincoln relays located on the inner driver side fender area of your engine bay. This converts the original relays to new, common, universal relays for easy maintenance and repair; these are also easily reversible with easy plug-n-play wiring harnesses that plug into the existing harnesses so there is no cutting or splicing involved of your stock Lincoln. *Because of the variations in wiring, years, and builds, this price may vary, and frequent communication might be required to ensure proper placement and quality.
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